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A broad definition of the human race is that we are predators. To that I plead guilty. I have hunted in the western US including Alaska and Kansas for everything. I have been to Africa four times. The second time my primary weapon was a bow. I have taken elk, deer, pigs and some African game with a pistol.

I have already won the game of toys, but I am insuring my position by adding more.

Most agents think any country property is great for hunting. Unfortunately, that is not true. It takes a combination of food sources and cover. It also depends on how the land lays, the neighbors dogs and access, to name a few of the components. The recap page under Properties For Sale also has some information on their hunting quality. Out of 150 properties there will be less than 5% that should interest you. The best bet is to fill out the questionnaire for hunters and let me see what there is to send you. I do a report on every property I see, even is the listing agent does not. I have a lot of hindsite.

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