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January 24, 2018

I had a 120 acre property in Sonoma County near Cazadaro, owned with two other partners. We engaged Mr. White as a realtor on the recommendation of an attorney in Santa Rosa, due to the fact that we had filed a partition action against one of the partners who was reluctant to sell.

Mr. White was an excellent choice. He knew the area, knew the value of the property, and worked diligently on our behalf in finding and contracting with a suitable buyer in a very short period of time. He was knowledgeable, very flexible in his approach and worked with local contractors to clean up and make the property presentable. He followed through on the entire process with the title company and into the closing of the deal. I recommend him without reservation.

John Porter

Kelly Howard was the seller and he was represented by a Broker from Gualala when my client bought his property in 2004.

In 2012 when I handled the sale to another client I dealt extensively with Mr. Howard dealing with the note that he carried back from the sale in 2004. Then in 2016 I helped with the Reconveyance for the pay off of that note. From those dealings Mr. Howard has described me as the "voice of reason" during the original sale. The only person who was able to answer his questions as his Broker did not. He also said "thank you for making this easier on me".

He can be reached at

November 11, 2008
Dear Joe,
I write both to say "thanks" and to put on paper how very positively you impressed me with your hard work, true expertise and willingness to assist me beyond just the purchase of my Limerick Lane property.

In particular, over the year-plus that we worked together, I appreciated that you personally visited a great deal of properties before Megan and I arrived so that we could see the ones that had the most potential and skip those that were not going to work for us. Moreover, when I sent you information about properties that I had seen on the internet, you were able to quickly provide me with useful, first-hand information, including impossible-to-get historical data from your extensive files. In short, even though it took a while for the right property to come onto the market, you performed the leg work and provided the expertise so that I could make an informed decision in an unfamiliar market.

When we did find the right place, both the owner and her agent turned out to be extraordinarily difficult. Undaunted, you developed a creative yet sound plan, and then negotiated aggressively to bring the price down, even though that meant that you'd receive a smaller commission. You told me frankly about items of concern, and to no time did I feel that you were holding back revealing trouble with a property in order to make a sale. I do not respond well to pressure salesmanship, and detected none from you. The whole process was a pleasure.

Please do not hesitate to use me as a reference.

Michael D. Bruno

December 20, 2007
Hi Joe. Firstly have a very merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year. You really did a great job selling the property quickly and with no hassle. The transaction was handled by you in a professional manner. You are a credible and a meticulous professional. My life right now is very stressful, my husband is in and out of the hospital, and you were a god send. Thank you very much.

Rita Carp

Oct 13, 2006.
Joe, You are most efficient and precise to a fault. Thank you for your perseverance with CPS and others. You and I still agree...most real estate agents are pretty oblivious. Brooke included. Thanks for your help and I look forward to moving forward with my life.

Jim Hamilton

To Whom It May Concern:

Joe White has performed several real estate transactions for me in the last 4 years, I have known him since 1994. Joe has specific knowledge in particularly difficult rural real estate issues and has been able to bring a level of professionalism second to none. He is pragmatic in his honesty and has a penchant to bring full disclosure to each transaction. I highly recommend Joe and intend to continue to use him to further develop my real estate portfolio.

Mark W. Goldsborough
Chief Scientist, SST, Inc.
Healdsburg, CA 707 433-2977

"When we decided to market our acreage in northern Sonoma County we listed it with a Healdsburg area broker who specialized in vineyard properties. The realtor priced the property at what she felt was an accurate market appraisal. Unfortunately there were only two showing generated during the listing period and it rapidly became clear that the property was overpriced."

"We had known Joe White for a period of years and subsequently listed the land with him. Althought the listing price he suggested was far lower than we had hoped to generate, he convinced us it was a realistic and accurate portrayal of current market conditions. He aggressively promoted our listing including expanding on the brochure we had created and adding additional photographs and information on the property on his website."

"The property sold for cash and the sale price was within $1,000 of what he suggested."

"We were very pleased by the service Joe provided. Everything was handled in a professional maner and no details were left hanging. We would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to sell or buy real estate in the northern California area."

Lou Kief
Bill Walls

To Whom It May Concern:

"Mr. Joe White of Financial Advisors Trust has been my real estate broker since 1994. He has helped us put together a collection of forestland holdings in northwest Sonoma county that now exceeds 580 acres. We have completed 12 transactions with his office. I have worked with many other real estate professionals in Northern California over the years. Joe is the most thorough and professional. All details of each transaction are handled in a no-nonsense efficient manner. If you are a busy professional and are the type of buyer or seller that knows what you want, call Joe White. I have nothing but praise for Joe and give him all of my company's business. Joe appreciates the value of your time and will immediately give you the most pertinent information concerning a property so that you can make an informed decision with confidence. He has never over sold a property to us. He has never failed to reveal any unresolved issues. In short, you can trust his word and invest with confidence."

Thank you,

Raul Hernandez
Old-Growth Again Restoration Forestry
5233 Aero Drive Santa Rosa, CA 95403

“Joe stays with the inevitable problems which arise during the course of any transaction until he works out a solution. He is extremely focused on what it takes to get a deal done.”
Bruce Cann, CPA

“Joe White was my broker when I purchased property in 1994. With his knowledge of the area, we were able to make a match on the first property shown. I appreciated his expertise and I still feel free to call him when I need advice.”
Ed Underwood, Business Owner

“For nearly 30 years, Joe has helped me with my investments and also income tax situations. I have always felt confident in accepting his advice.”
Richard Weber, Rancher

“On-line with high integrity and consistently attentive to all important details from start to finish.”
William Hunter, Attorney at Law

“Joe White knows the local game populations, their feeding habits, and the types of property that hold game, timber potential, road problems, water availability, and neighbors. Joe combines his capabilities with excellent service and a willingness to go the extra mile.”
John Jones, CPA, Managing Partner Linkenheimer, Hebrew and Co.

“Joe has unmatched personal ‘local knowledge’ of Sonoma and Mendocino country properties. He skillfully uses this to match his clients needs.”
Lee Wilkinson, MD

“I listed my former 259 acre ranch on Rockpile Road with three different real estate agents for four years and they could not sell the property. Joe White sold it for cash within six months. I highly recommend Joe for selling mountain ranch property.”
Robert L. Lambert, Retired Businessman
(We also argued over the value for 6 months before I agreed to take the listing. JW)

“We had looked for a place on and off for years; Joe found us a virtually ideal property in one visit. Joe seems to know just about everything about Sonoma Country Properties, and gives you the unvarnished truth about anything he shows you. He has a knack for sizing you up, and finding the properties that really fit, and does not try to force that fit. One of the best and more unusual aspects of doing business with Joe is that he does not vanish after the sale, but remains available for advice and assistance. If you are used to dealing with conventional realty agents, doing business with Joe requires you to reset your clock”.
Dr. Grant Price

“Joe knows more about country property than anyone”.
Kevin Harvey
Benchmark Venture Capitol

“Thanks to Joe, we are living our dream out I the country! His extensive knowledge of local properties and his willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty set him far apart from other real estate brokers. Joe’s unwavering honesty and personal code of ethics prevent him from steering his clients toward inappropriate acquisitions—thereby ensuring you that his commission is NOT the driving force behind the work he provides.”
Dean and Kelly Falkenberg

To whom it may concern,
"I met Joe White in March of 2000 and have since used his services to purchase two properties in the country. One is located in Sonoma County and the other is in Tehama County. I have made a few real estate deals previously, and Joe is by far the best broker I have ever worked with. The first time we met, he spent a long time figuring out what I wanted and never wasted my time taking me to places which were not relevant to what I was looking for. He is very thorough and leaves no detail unchecked. He keeps track of all the deadlines and makes sure that everything is going smoothly. He uses his great experience to make sure that all the aspects of a deal are covered. Also, Joe is a real country life expert and should write books on that subject. I always enjoy visiting a property with him as there is always something to be learned. He has given me a lot of information pertaining to subjects as different as water supply, basic surveying, timber quality, wildlife management, road maintenance, house design, energy systems, fishing techniques, kayaking, four-wheeling, etc… He communicates well, and is easy to reach. He is straight forward and speaks his mind. I also discovered that his services did not end at the closure of the deal. He is continues to help me out in my endeavors. This is quite unusual and should be recognized."

"In any case, I will call Joe anytime I need a real estate broker."

Thank you, Joe !

Martin Fornage

PERSONAL - JOE WHITE, Broker- I started in the real estate business in 1961 and have a marketing and management background. From 1971 until 1975, I was employed by an estate and financial planning firm in San Francisco specializing in personal, business and investment consulting. I was licensed in insurance, real estate, securities and was a registered investment advisor. In 1975 I founded Financial Advisors and 75% of my income was related to that. In 1986 I got tired of the constant tax law changes and realized that I enjoyed the 25% of my business more, which was real estate. By 1997, I reached the point where I retired my other business’s except managing the real estate we own, being a hard money lender and selling country or estate property.

PERSONAL – LEONARD CURRY, Attorney at Law, Associate Broker – (707) 571-5545. Member of the California State Bar since 1977. In private practice in Santa Rosa, general civil practice with some criminal law; special emphasis on real estate including landlord-tenant, complex transactions, broker liability and restrictive covenants. I have lived in Healdsburg on the Lazy W Ranch since 1992 growing grapes with thousands of hours invested in vineyard development including pruning, planting, spraying, training, leaf pulling, discing, mowing, irrigation, driving tractor and worker supervision. After more than twenty years of practicing law, I decided to spend more time outside of an office and courtroom. Certainly.. the family vineyard started me in the direction of working outside, and as time went by it became obvious that I was better suited for the great outdoors. Working in real estate affords me that opportunity. The people in the business and the clients have issues that I can help resolve. My combined experience as an attorney, judge, arbitrator, rancher and grape grower work well with the issues that need to be resolved in a real estate transaction. I asked to work with Joe White because of my personal observation of his work ethic, his experience with country properties, his integrity and his passion for diligence and professionalism. My primary objectives will be to cover vineyard properties and smaller parcels closer to town.

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