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We have been doing this since 1976

Our Web site was forced upon us because of advertisers we use putting the copy we use for fliers on the web. It was pitiful as web information and it was very difficult to monitor it. To clean them up was almost impossible. Although we have three computers in our operation, I am not a computer person. In 1985, when I bought my first computer for $17,000, I decided that I was to old to take on an unfriendly project.

You might call this a work in progress. The largest improvement that will continue to occur will probably be in the quality of maps and photos. We will try diligently to keep things up to date. Because we are tracking over 150 properties and agents do not call us when something happens, it wonít be perfect.

If you have suggestions or find problems in its use, please let us know. Our site was designed by Ed Striepeke - We think he did an excellent job and we highly recommend him. We hopefully have avoided most of the obvious problems we saw others make.

If you respond, please remember you are inquiring about a major investment. The more information you give us, the better we can help you.

Joe White

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