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For the Hunter
Looking for a Large Ranch

I am capable of looking out of my normal marketing area. To do so, I will be looking for a retainer or a commitment of some type from you. Most agents or sellers do not understand that fairly describing the property is the simplest in the long run. I have to go there first to see if it looks like a fit.

There is not a perfect property. Nor can you be happy with one car, or will one airplane fit all of your needs. As time progresses, our interests and needs change. In the last two years I have hunted or fished in Africa, Montana, Alaska, California, Mexico and Kansas. What I am trying to find out here is what needs you have that we can satisfy somewhat locally. The more of a word picture you can paint, the better I can see.

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THIS SHOULD be for fun and to create memories you will enjoy. Not wake you up in the middle of the night worrying about supporting it. I need some $ parameters. This is not the kind of inventory that makes bankers happy. Do not anticipate a lending institution lending more than 50%. Seller carry backs can be 70%. In other words, you need to anticipate at least a 30% down.

I take pride in being able to evaluate the market and obtaining properties at fair prices. If you are willing to go to 4 mil and we can find it for 3, you will see it. The more amenities the more a caretaker will be needed.

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