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To find the right property, I need to learn about you, your capabilities, interests and your desires. Knowing what you do helps me understand you. If you are an artist, you are probably not mechanical.
If we were talking, I would be asking these questions.

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Water is a requirement. Without it, nothing is possible. Assuming water is available, please check what is important to you.
Creek Pond Lake Ocean Spring Well
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Ambiance and Amenities. Please check what is important to you.
Views Privacy Horses Firewood Trees
Meadows Rugged Agriculture Timber
Garden Hunting Anti Hunter
Exposure: North South East West Doesn't Matter
Environmental Issues Are Important To Me: No Yes Medium
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Needs & Requirements
Retreat Residence Electricity From PG&E Solar, Wind Okay
Pavement Gravel Okay Hard-Line Telephone Cellular
Will Build Need Buildings Barn House Need Schools
Bedrooms     Baths
Minimum Acres Wanted     Acres for Garden, etc.
Children at home No Yes     How Many
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1031 Tax Free Exchange     No Yes
Windfall is Coming     No Yes
Will Need to Sell Present Property First     No Yes

Interests & Objectives
Hiking Hiding Timber Vineyard Garden Orchard
Navel Contemplation Need property to be income producing Motorcycling Have pig hunting dogs Good with hands
A klutz Have experience
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Area Requirements
Travel time from residence Need to commute to
How often
How many minutes are you comfortable from services
such as Safeway?

County Roads     Okay     Scare me
Vehicles Owned     We have a 4x4 Pick Up Family Car

Time Frame
No idea This year Soon Now We almost bought
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