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Listening to what some is asking me to do or find for them and then doing it or taking them there.

Balancing the apples and oranges or the advantages and disadvantages of a property or situation. Then estimating what it will actually bring on the market or finding what might realistically work.

All properties/situations have some problems. Identifying them in advance, mitigating as much as possible and then making sure you can adapt or live comfortably with the good parts.

Watching a property for a long time until it comes down to reality.

Having raised 7 children, worked all my life and been there and done that I have a lot of hindsight.

Shaking hands.

Having fun.

Not sweating the little things.

We are merchants. Unless we move the inventory we do not make any money.

Knowing from hindsight when to walk away. You cannot fix stupidity.



Understanding why agents do not understand that we are merchants, like 90% of the population.

Listening to criticism at the moment I am screwing up.

Having patience with stupidity.

Spelling. I learned to read at a very young age and I spell phonetically. Unfortunately it doesn't always work. It would be much easier.

Controlling my weight after age 50. I can no longer eat desert first.

Understanding why children and some adults can't learn from the mistakes of those that have already tried it.

I can be pig headed or to stubborn.

Joe White

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