Gyroplane Equipment List

TW Barnett J4B2 Gyroplane
Reg.# N3476      Serial# 224      $22,000
Trailer/Hanger      $8,000
Location:  Paynes Creek, Northern California
Near Red Bluff

(707) 431-2151     Email: Joe White     5/2/20

Equipment "As Weighed" 20-July-2011

Powerplant, Subaru 4 cylinder liquid cooled S/N 3322

Propeller, Warp Drive pusher 4 blade S/N C8379

Main Rotor, 2 blade BRC S/N M8038

Pre-rotator pump and drive motor, hydraulic.

Strobe light, self contained mast mounted unit.

Landing light

Engine driven alternator and nose mounted battery.

Cabin heater (radiator, fan and coolant hoses.

Fire extinguisher, cabin floor at pilot seat.

Escort II nav/com radio.

Westach rotor tach.

Flight instruments;
   Vertical card magnetic compass.

ELT, Ameriking AK-450

Engine Instruments:
   Engine tachometer, electric.
   Volt meter
   Oil Pressure and Temperature
   Fuel Pressure