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TW Barnett J4B2
Reg.# N3476      Serial# 224      $22,000
Trailer/Hanger      $8,000
Location:  Paynes Creek, Northern California
Near Red Bluff

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REASON FOR SELLING - MEDICAL: At 80, letting go is a bitch. I have owned a Bonanza and 2 Hiller helicopters.

DESCRIPTION: My criteria when I decided to buy a Barnett was a stable flying machine, 2 passenger primarily for some luggage space, enclosed cockpit, heater, four stroke, trailer able, lockable, prerotator and capable of cross country.

DESIGN: Not sexy but very practical. It has a steel frame to make repairs easier if necessary. It comes with a Clark headset and has a plug to tie in your cell phone. There are 19 hours to fly off to clear off the operating limitations from a local area.

JERRIE BARNETT: Who designed and sold about 300 of these is now dead. Thus there is no factory support but in fact there had been no effective support for years as Jerrie wore down. It is a very simple machine and I have had no difficulty from him being gone.

ANNUAL: Was done in January 2, 2020 by Ken who has been my helicopter mechanic. He now runs Scanlon Aviation in Novato.

CONDITION EXCELLENT: There were several things I discovered that I did not like when I acquired it. Wiring under the dash had lots of splices. The brakes were tied together and ineffective. Turning radius was about 60 ft. Steering was by the front wheel. Those things are now all cured. It now has a castering front wheel and will turn in its own length with individual hand brakes which can be operated individually or together with your left hand. The wheels and brakes are from Matco and parts alone were $1,300. At 6ft. 2 inches I moved the seat back about 2 inches to prevent knee bumping. This makes the rear seat very tight. It can be moved back to its original position.

ENGINE: Legacy 2.2 135 hp four cycle. 87 to 89 unleaded auto gas, 17 gallon capacity. Warp Drive 4 blade prop. New rotor blades were bought from Jerrie and installed by him in 2009. They are each 13 ft. 5 inches with a 3 ½ inch overlap to the bar with the Jesus nut which connects them together. That bar is 15 inches in length. The overall length of the blades when mounted is 27 & ½ ft. The width of the blades is 7 & 10/16 inches. Original Airworthiness was September of 06. It has 81.7 hours on it. GPS map model 96C year 2006 Garmin Aviation. I bought it in 2008 and I believe I have all logs and materials. Empty weight 772 LB. Max gross weight 1292 lb. Useful load 520 lb.

IF I KEEP IT: I would probably change the brake handles on the left side to toe brakes. Since it is a light machine the brakes are not great on dirt.

NO EXCEPTIONS: gave gyrocopters a poor reputation was a lack of instruction. I will not sell it to someone who does not agree to get instruction or has time in gyroplanes.

Joe White

Phone: (707) 431-2151

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