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1995 Tioga Class C
Self Contained F 350 Econoline frame
129,500 miles
Ford 460 engine replaced with factory new 5/15/18
Warranty by Ford to August 2021

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Sorry that this rambles, but there is no way to organize all I know about it. It has been a good rig that has been very happy all over the Western US and Alaska. It has rarely been in a campground and is well set up to stand alone.

I have almost all the receipts and records for this motor home. I try to track things carefully. The newly installed engine would cost $4,021.00 if bought from Ford. Instillation would run about $3,000.

The tires are from Schwab. They have about 2500 miles on them. Front bumper slide mount for a ball so you can easily move a trailer or mount a bike rack. 2 Batteries in front & one in the right rear compartment. There is a control by left drivers knee to isolate the batteries. Due to the freezer and my sleep aponia I installed an invertor in the R/R compartment to run both or either. Had a problem in 2-16 getting both in front to charge and temporarily set up orange cord to fix it. Replaced the solenoid and left to the orange cord in case. The freezer was where the captain's chair now sits. The captain's chair is not bolted down in case the new owner is also a hunter and wats to swap it out for a small chest freezer. That worked very well for me. Propane tank has a celenoid and it works with the small white panel at the door. Solenoid gets hot just sitting which I did not like so I took a un used on/off switch by the left of side door, so I could disconnect it. I had carried fishing poles inside and the aluminum strips in the celling were for that. The storage area on top of the driver compartment were for rifles. I have the pads that make it into a bed. I can give them to you if you ever think you will use them. It is easier for storage without them. The rod with a hook is to reach things that are to far back. The transmission temperature gauge helps if you are towing a heavy load and it is very hot outside. I had the transmission rebuilt about 85,000 miles and it has been excellent. I think it has Ams Oil fluid in it. Eric's Performance is an excellent mechanic in Cloverdale. 707 894 4757. The rear of the unit from the rear tires back is weak. I broke the tow bar 2 times and ended up bracing it with the 2 outside metal bars. The upper storage box must be accessed from the roof. Right rear outside there is a 110 plug to turn on the heaters to keep water lines and the holding tanks from freezing if you are staying in snow country. When in Utah in 2017 it was in the 20's and a 40-mph wind. I found out there was air coming in from the refrigerator luvers. I added foam spray when I got home and put in too much so the wall pooched out on the right side of the refrigerator. Refrigerator replaced about 2014 and works well. I never used the TV antenna. I did make it go up & down about 2 years ago. I added 2 110 lights because it showed when I had 110 on and was better for reading. There is an on/off switch in the compartment where the 110 umbilical cord is. It turns on a small gas pump, so I can take gas out of the motor home and fill a gas container to run an ATV when hunting. The generator is a 6.5 Honda with AMS oil. Oil was just changed in it. To turn it on there is a switch in the dining area and an on off for the gas line. If you run down the batteries you can hit the switch on the dash that joins the 2 batteries in front and reach back and start the generator to charge the system. There is a large solar panel on the roof and it is tied in with a good little 12 V charger on the dining area wall. I beefed up the front coil springs to make it handle better. There are air bags on the rear axels. Air control of them is by the gas filler. Don't run over 100 lb. I usually run at 90 when caring a load. The roof has attachments, so I could tie things down. I took off the 12 V light defusers to give a brighter light inside. There are 3 12 V receptacles inside by the dining area to charge stuff. The headlights are tied together when you are on high beams. It works extremely well for night driving. The linoleum is in good shape. When I first bought it the tires were poor. I replaced them from Big O and then had 5 blowouts. They are now from Schwab. And have about 2,000 miles on them. When emptying the motorhome I found a place on each wheel well that had a crack in it. That finally explains why I was having a problem with dust getting inside. We fixed them.

Dash: 3 switches on left are for back up light, tachometer & fog lights which I never use. 2 switches right of the steering column are Wilson 3 watt booster. You set your cell phone in the cradle on the dash. It works on all vendors and will take you from 1 bar to 3 or 4 bars. It has also allowed me to make calls when normally there are none. The radio works but I hate it because it is complicated. Instructions are there. On the top is a control which gives tire pressure. I found it is not dependable and now have the units just on the 2 front tires. There is a small hole in the dash where I had a camera mount. The level bubbles help when parking as the refrigerator works better the more level it is. There is also one to the right above the side door you can see from the driver's seat.

The bathroom door has a removable section, so I could get an action packer through it. I sometimes used the shower for storage. There are eye bolts at the top back of the shower for bungie cords so secure things that were stored in the shower. The shower curtain has a rod behind it. I used it to pull the shower curtain away from me when I take a shower. It is to be attached to a green string above the toilet paper dispenser.

It is now in Healdsburg. Contact me for a time. 217 Bumpy Rd. Exit at the first Healdsburg exit going north on 101. Go right and in 250 yards turn right at Ballache. Sign also says Rio lindo Academy. 2/10 of a mile turn left on Bumpy Rd. Second house on left (217) in their side yard.

Joe White

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