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$495,231 - 40 Acres
3 Structures
23440 Fort Ross Road/Brain Ridge Road
Cazadero, CA 95421
AP# 107-150-024        MLS# 20928247
20 minutes from the Pacific Ocean at Fort Ross or Cazadero. About 40 minutes from Safeway in Guerneville. An hour and 20 minutes from Santa Rosa and 101. 2 hours to the Golden Gate Bridge.

23440 Fort Ross Rd/Brain Ridge Rd, Cazadero

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I like it. It is worth looking at if you like rolling to steep gassy hills with great views. There is about 5 minutes (7/10 of a mile) of gravel road from the pavement on Fort Ross Road to the property. Any passenger car will do.

The primary house is hexagon or almost round to take advantage of the views and very solid. It is 1,020 sq. ft. plus a tight sleeping loft. There is a small basement which houses the brains to the solar system and the propane heater. There is also a wood stove. This is very non typical for the time it was started. In the early 70’s there was a flight to the country and 7 primarily 40 acre subdivisions were created in western Sonoma County. Most of those buyers were under capitalized and had grand utopian plans. Most of the structures that were created then were not well built. This one was. The signs that the previous owners hired good people to help them are everywhere. My house is more than twice this size and I would bet there is less concrete in my foundation than there is here. The roof looks like wood shake but it is metal shaped to look like shakes.

Is 9 ft. x10 ft. and is attached to a covered area 22 ft. by 28 ft. The present owner is using it for storage. It could go into a hot house, pen for the kids, dogs, work shop and so forth.

Or sleeping room is 14 ft. by 20 ft. and is half open for storage. It was here before the house was built.

Is nestled in the redwoods and is a nice place to read the Sunday paper or for your children to camp out. Many of the sellers friends have done so.

This is one of the nicest pieces of dirt I have been on. Over 3 acres is deer/pig fenced and about 15 acres are gentle. The house sits on the edge of a grove of redwoods but it is not a dark damp location as is typical of redwoods. Someone, a long time ago, saved these trees and they are spectacular. The story is the loggers camped here because it was gentle, had a good spring and good shade form the redwoods, thus they did not cut them. There are old skid trails that are now hiking trails through the rest of the property. From the house you can see Mt. St Helena which is 30 miles to the east in Napa County and Mt. Knocti which is 40 miles away in Lake County. Sunrise will be fun to watch. There are tan oak, madrone, maple, oaks, bay and redwoods on the property. The tan oaks and some others are being hit by Sudden Death Oak Syndrome. The orchard is fenced and has an irrigation system to about 20 trees which are plums, figs, apples, pears, Asian pears, peaches, apricots and almonds. There may not be enough heat for almonds.

Bought the property in 2007 and has found that their life has changed and decided to sell.

There is a water tower approximately 40 ft. high that provides gravity pressure to the house and sprinklers. The spring is located just south of the center of the property and it gravity flows about 90 yards N/E to a vertical metal storage tank. If you feel like exploring follow the arrows. You might ask me which is the short way. The switch to the right of the refrigerator turns on the pump in the tank. It needs to have the generator on. It takes about 45 minutes to fill the water tank which then shows 15 lb. of pressure. The pressure gauge is above and to the left of the stove inside of the cabinet. It is time to pump water when the pressure gauge is down to about 13 lb. The spring showed 1/2 gpm or 750 gallons per day on 10/17/09. This is at what we hope is the end of a 3 year drought. On 1/14/12 after 20% of normal rain to that date it was flowing 9/10 a gallon per minute. I think on normal years it produces at least 1 gpm or 1500 gallons per day. It is a very simple system, well built and 1500 gpm is ample. The spring box , drain and trap were just rebuilt and should be good for another 37 years. In early 2012 an Ultraviolet TROJANUVMAX system was installed to assure no contaminants could survive in the water system.

An excellent combination of location, area, terrain. You could retire here or it would make an excellent weekend retreat.

In 1970, you could create a “paper” subdivision. Now to divide a large parcel (2,500 acres), would take millions of dollars for curbs, gutters, etc. There are about 70 parcels. Most are undeveloped. A very few are junk piles. The vast majority are nice. Most areas have a feeling, which is a combination of your and their attitudes. I have found people here to be open, friendly and helpful. The people who live here are not conformists, but they obviously work well together. I have sold several of these parcels over the years and this is the nicest one.

Is the name of the subdivision. $558 per year normally covers the local volunteer fire department and the road system. There is a right of first refusal on all properties in the Gualala Ranch. Owners of other parcels can match or exceed the agreed upon price and terms of an outside buyer and purchase within 30 days from notice by association secretary. I have never seen this option exercised, but it will slow downe the escrow time. Ownership of each parcel includes use of six other parcels: one has a small lake, another a barn and the third is a large field of bracken ferns. They are lot #’s 7, 14, 15, 16, 49 & 52.

Propane: There is a propane tank near the driveway with buried lines to the house. It is huge, 15 ft. by 3 ft. Probably 2,000 gallons. It was filled 7/11 by Ferral Gas. There is a Kohler backup generator which is propane powered. It comes on automatically when needed except when you pump water you need to turn it on. Electricity: PGamp;E is too far to consider. A rule of thumb is $8,000 per utility pole. Without trees to consider, about 100 yards is a common spread between poles. There are 14 solar panels, 12 storage batteries which are 5 to 7 years old, Outback inverters and so forth. It is basically the same system I have at my house. It should work well. Battery life is usually 10 or more years.

There is a buried telephone land line from Verizon. For cell, I use Verizon and the service is very good here. Satellite service is available for T.V. and internet.

Change is always resisted. A few residents had resisted the idea of street signs. Now they are used to them and realize how important they can be in finding a house in case of an emergency. Sooner or later the county will reassign the address to make it on Brain Ridge Rd. This area has a lot of springs and is a relatively good water area. Almost all of the non developed portions of Sonoma County are classified by the county as water scarce. How they established this was any area they didn’t see wells on their maps, they call it water scarce. The county is now fighting a state plan to create a draconian set of septic system monitoring regulations that will effect every septic system in the state. It was prompted by Southern California threatened water ways.

The MLS requires this listing to be in the Russian River area. It should be coastal.

I do not know of a neighbor from hell here. From what I have heard and seen they are all good.

The septic system was evidently installed for a 2 bedroom house. It is really only one. To add a bedroom, you would need to punch out through the concrete wall which is not difficult. The leech lines are in front of the house. The septic system should have a root killer added every year. To add closet space, which is less than minimal, you could use the area right in front of it. There is room to add a garage if you need one. Moving the extra cement stepping stones would make turning around easier. The solar system storage batteries must be watered occasionally. I have a device that allows me to fill them all at once. It could be added here. There are no solar trackers here which I think is good. They are not dependable. There are several albums of photos in the house showing all the stages of construction. The original plans are on site. Information on all off the appliances are available. There are gaps in the formica counter by the stove and to its left. The previous owner never got around to finishing it off and it has not bothered the present owner.

Cazadero has a weather reporting station that has made itself famous. The rainfall here actually averages 75”. There is a long strip of area along the coast, about 5 miles inland, where the rainfall is heavy due to the storms hitting the first hills as they come ashore. It does rain harder, but not necessarily more often. I live in a slightly lighter zone (65 inches) and happily live with it and enjoy the lack of fog.

My listings have averaged selling for 97% of asking price for years. This is the first time we have had to deal with falling prices. The property is free and clear. THE SELLER MAY CARRY TO A QUALIFIED BUYER.

Hwy. 101 to River Road (116) through Guerneville then right to Cazadero, then bear left on to Fort Ross Rd. In 11 miles or 20 minutes from the stop sign in Cazadero turn right on Brain Ridge Rd. . If you come to Black Mountain Preserve you just missed it. It is then 7/10 of a mile on your right. Again, if you come to Tan Oak Rd. on the gravel you just missed it.

By appointment. There is a lock box. Agents, call 632-5542 and then go. There is a combination lock on the entrance gate.

AP# 107-150-024 Thomas Bros. Map Napa/Sonoma 339/C6

The statements and figures herein are from many sources which we believe are accurate but we do not know for sure. We try hard but we are not perfect.

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